Plant Watering Instruction Sticker Kit - 30 Stickers


Plant Watering Instruction Sticker Kit - 30 Stickers 0008
Incorrect watering by staff can lead to dead plants and a financial loss to the seller. Watering correctly shouldn’t be a secret! Educate your staff the easy way with the Plant Watering Instruction Sticker: 2 symbols showing the right and wrong way to water plants on a waterproof sticker that adheres to all hand watering equipment – as a constant reminder to staff to water plants correctly, at the roots, not the tops.
Word-free design and universally recognized Green (GO) and Red (STOP) symbols eliminate any language barrier. Waterproof stickers adhere to all hose wands and nozzle sprayers – right at the point of use, in the worker’s hand. Use large sticker signs on overhead and ground level hose reels, water spigots, rolling water tanks, etc. With the right way to water directly on the tool itself, there is no excuse for watering incorrectly. (Patent pending) Kit of 30 stickers. $24.95
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